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Hiram, Ga 30141

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Breakthrough Martial Arts was founded by Chief
Instructor Jerod Hicks. With his accomplishments of
training in the art and science of Tae Kwon Do for 18
years, he achieved the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt.
He also earned the rank of blue belt in Brazilian

Instructor Hicks' love and passion for martial arts has
shown greatly in his students. His goal to see
everyone get their black belt has continued on
through the years. With his desire of seeing and
believing in his students, many black belts have been
successful and achieved their goal.
Instructor Mark Childers has been training in Taekwondo for over 8 years. He
has recently achieved the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. Mark's daughter,
Sara Caroline also does Taekwondo. She is currently a 3rd Kup Blue Belt (3
ranks from black belt).  She has the goal of following in her father's
footsteps and becoming a black belt as well.

HERE to read Mark's Black Belt Essay!
Instructor Rodney Verdin is a dynamic Instructor at Breakthrough Martial Arts. He holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in
Taekwondo and also has training in Hapkido and in the Cane Masters program. He is great to train with because of his
awesome attitude. He is constantly challenging and encouraging himself and others. He is committed to becoming a
stronger martial artist and a better teacher.
Instructor Carol Davis has been at Breakthrough from the very beginning in 2008. She earned her Black Belt in June of
2013 and she is working towards her 2nd degree. She is always determined and energetic both in and out of class. Mrs.
Davis is also a key team member in the daily operations of running Breakthrough. Chances are if you call us she will be on
the other end of the phone.  Among all of the other things that are great about this Instructor it should be added that
she is also Mr. Hicks' Mother!
Instructor Frank Davis (center) and his wife Carol Davis have been training at
Breakthrough since 2008. Mr. Davis currently holds the rank of 3rd Kup Blue Belt and he
will be earning his black belt in the next few years!
Jayson is our youngest assistant instructor to date! This young man is outstanding in a variety of different
ways. His leadership and maturity is far beyond his years. As a 7 year old boy he was peeking in the window
of Breakthrough Martial Arts just a few weeks after we opened. In Feb 2014, Jayson earned the rank of 1st
Degree black belt!
Instructor Stephen Simmons (left) holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. He has been training in Taekwondo for over 11
years. He is an excellent model of what a black belt is from our youngest students to our oldest. We are honored to have
him teaching with us here at Breakthrough.