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Ages 7 - 12

This program focuses on all the things children need in their lives:  
discipline, respect, fitness, confidence, self - defense and focus all while they are
having fun!!!

At Breakthrough Martial Arts, we believe in teaming up with our parents to
achieve the most in our student's lives. We reinforce respect to parents, teachers
and all others.  At each promotional exam, we require these students to provide a
copy of their most recent report card.  In addition, we ask the parents to fill out a
home status report. Students that are having problems in school are not
criticized but encouraged.  Those who are doing well are challenged to continue
to succeed and improve.

Our ultimate goal is to see every student achieve the rank of 1st degree black
belt, but more importantly to help them achieve their goals.  When children
experience success, it teaches them that they can accomplish anything they set
their minds to.  It is our deepest and most sincere desire to teach the children
that the key to their martial art success is also the key to success in anything they
set their mind to.

Regardless of which area(s) your child needs help in we have many methods we
use to get results. When you come in for your FREE trial class you will get to see
some of those methods in action! Call us to schedule your trial today!

I love what
Breakthrough has we
are blessed to be a
part of such a great

Thank You!
Gisela Roman
(Veronica and Oliver's